Original Northern Elements merges two coordinating fields of work into O.N.E - primarily a contracting company that also provides a heavy hand in design.


Our Mission


To follow to a tried and tested process while treating every project differently based on each customers own unique needs and desires. 


To provide the highest quality products and service to customers, ultimately creating a long lasting relationship due to reliability,  and quality of work. 

O.N.E Method to rule them all


The initial meeting between client and ONE to discuss your dreams and confirm our business pairing is a good fit. Scope, budget, and timeline are key takeaways from this consultation.


A meeting between client and designer to discuss space, style, and aesthetic. Setting the attitude and character for the project. This phase is key to creating a strong, integrated plan to build from.



  • Overall layout planning, look, feel, and unique aspects of the project. Leading to development of official floor plans, elevation drawings,and 3-D renders. This phase takes time as the client and designer mentally and visually build the project from ground up. In construction terms this would be referred to as the "foundation".


  • A solidified design development ignites the responsibilities of the general contractor, a formal build schedule, site preparation and construction consulting on design aspects.

The proper development of this stage allows the construction phase to evolve rather seamlessly


  • Essentially the final leg of the project, the stage where true progress is seen, and all efforts made towards good design will pay off. A-class organization is key to meeting deadlines and managing several parties to accomplish one common goal.


  • The project comes to a close and a final look over occurs with the client to create a list of any deficiencies.